• Jan.192019

    Chinas automotive mold industry has a large demand

    China's mold industry has experienced a great improvement after more than half a century of development, and its development speed is very rapid. In general, the development of China's mold design and...

  • Jan.122019

    Increasingly large mold production

    In recent years, as the pace of structural adjustment of China's mold industry has accelerated, molds have become more and more oriented toward large-scale, sophisticated, and complex developments, wh...

  • Jan.052019

    Mold support manufacturing transformation and upgrading

    Mold is an important basic process equipment in industrial production, and has the reputation of “the mother of industry”. At present, China's metal products manufactured by mold forming (also called ...

  • Dec.292018

    Design elements for plastic molds

    Parting surface: the contact surface where the die and the punch cooperate with each other when the mold is closed. The choice of its position and form is influenced by factors such as product shape a...

  • Dec.222018

    Analysis of development trend of plastic mold

    The plastic mold industry will become larger and larger. This is caused by a multi-cavity that develops due to the increasing size and high productivity requirements of mold-formed parts. Multi-functi...