• Jun.272019

    Automotive mold process classification

    When people talk about cars, the first thing that comes to mind is the body of the car, which means that the body is the identity of the car. The body represents the image of the car. Therefore, the a...

  • Jul.052019

    Best Automobile mold China manufacturer

    In order to manufacture a unique product, various molds are required. The type of material that can be used to make the mold depends on the item that is made using the mold. These molds are very impor...

  • Jul.132019

    Mold temperature control of injection mold

    There are three kinds of heat transfer methods: radiation, convection and conduction. In the mold, the heat generated by the plastic brought into the mold is absorbed by the mold, which absorbs 95% of...

  • Jul.192019

    Die design of automobile bumper mould

    The automobile front bumper main body injection mold adopts the internal parting surface technology, through the hot runner, and the sequential valve controls the glue. The reverse buckle on both side...