• Oct.142021

    JMT-Mold master's day

    About the team leader-our imagination In imagination, the mold master should be a rough and bold person Being casual, the body is always full of strength But in fact, there are still some differences ...

  • Sep.272021

    Look for the beauty of JMT

    About JMT Like and love to say endless Chapter 1 Blue Sky JMT West gate The vast sky was in full view The sky was clear and clear The crisscross of blue and white is the most beautiful scene in the mo...

  • Sep.172021

    Hello September

    September, is pleasant, autumn wind blowing, falling leaves flying. September, is the harvest, sorghum red face, rice bending waist All good, are doomed to quietly come in this season. People are no e...

  • Sep.012021

    JMT Best Partners

    Zhang Huili, He Xianjian respectively in 2007 and 2009 into JMT, two people choose this industry opportunity is also very similar, think mold is the mainstream of Huangyan manufacturing. Ever asked tw...