• Sep.162019

    Aluminum die-casting mold production process

    With the rapid development of the domestic manufacturing industry, the die-casting industry has also received many development opportunities, especially aluminum die-casting parts are widely used. So ...

  • Sep.062019

    Pay attention to the problem when manufacturing injection molds

    It usually takes about one month to open an injection mold. Complex molds take a long time. Usually an injection mold is opened and a detailed review is required. The mold can only be opened after app...

  • Aug.292019

    Specific main uses of injection moulds

    When it comes to the production of various industrial products, it is necessary to use injection molds, which are important process equipment. With the rapid development of the plastics industry, plas...

  • Aug.222019

    Die plated titanium process

    The mold is actually a molding machine that can shape the processed product according to the shape desired by the user. When the manufacturer produces it, it needs to be plated with titanium. What is ...

  • Aug.132019

    Injection mold composition and structure

    With the development of modern science and technology, injection mold design and manufacturing technology has made great progress. The advanced and professional mold parts have forced us to design fas...