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  • May.262021


    / 问 题 解 决 /   模 具 排 气 不 畅   【JMT:给您更好的模具体验】   WHY   为什么注塑模具中常常有气体产生?   (1)浇注系统与模具型腔中存有的空气。 (2)有些原料含有没有被干燥排除的水分,它们在高温下会气化成水蒸气。 (3)由于在注塑时温度太高,某些性质不稳定的塑料会发生分解而产生气体。  (4)塑料原料中的某些添...

  • Jun.282020

    Learned to extend the life of the mold for ten years!

    Plastic mold, an abbreviation for a combined plastic mold for compression molding, extrusion molding, injection, blow molding and low foam molding. Plastic mold factory can divide the mold into large ...

  • May.292020

    JMT: We strive to create an excellent working atmosphere for our employees!

    te vision and one of the actual refinements of corporate culture creation.      We unify the values ​​of the team through the morning meeting: through the evaluation of certain phenomena at the m...

  • Apr.062020

    Analysis Of World Mold Manufacture Industry

    Major mold manufacturers in the world include Japan, Korea and mainland of China in Asia regions, USA from Americas and German in Europe areas. This article is aimed to introduce mold industry of each...

  • Sep.162019

    Aluminum die-casting mold production process

    With the rapid development of the domestic manufacturing industry, the die-casting industry has also received many development opportunities, especially aluminum die-casting parts are widely used. So ...