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JMT: We strive to create an excellent working atmosphere for our employees!


te vision and one of the actual refinements of corporat […]

te vision and one of the actual refinements of corporate culture creation.


   We unify the values ​​of the team through the morning meeting: through the evaluation of certain phenomena at the morning meeting, the employees of the company are clear: what are the principles of JMT, what is the bottom line, what is advocated, what is opposed. Recognize and encourage the behaviors advocated, and punish the opposition firmly, so as to root the values ​​in the minds of each employee;


   We ensure the realization of strategic goals through the morning meeting: review the progress of JMT employees ’daily work to implement the completion of the strategy; the company ’s strategic goals can only be decomposed from the content to the individual, and from the time to the year, month, and day. Only one piece after another can be realized gradually.


     Through the morning meeting, we will also promote the positive energy of JMT, employees must work; develop a habit of goal-oriented, no excuses for work; each job has arrangements, inspections, tracking, and implementation, we have always advocate Work is strict and standardized, eliminating the "almost" mind; also advocating that everyone enjoy work, a good mental state is the premise of working efficiently every day.


   During the morning meeting, we will share the experience and lessons in the work, urge other colleagues to learn from and prevent, and promote skills improvement; we will also deploy and emphasize the focus of the day's work to promote the cooperation between colleagues;


As one of the JMT information exchange platforms, the morning meeting can timely convey the company's instructions and spirit, as well as the feedback of major information; it can effectively improve the team's cohesion, execution and combat effectiveness, and lay a solid foundation for the rapid realization of the company's vision!