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Household & Industrial Mould Manufacturers

JMT supply a large quantity of household mould(food container mould, bucket mould,crate mould, chair mould, drawer mould,pallet mould,dustbin mould and ect.) to customers from all over the world

Taizhou Huangyan JMT Mould Co., Ltd is famous China Household Mould Manufacturers and Industrial Mould company which specialized in designing and making Household & Industrial Mould.We own a state of the QC lab and injection workshop and Household & Industrial Mould factory,advanced CNC equipment and experienced R&D team.Engineering work includes not only mold designs, but also mold feasibility, mold flow, product design expertise and prototyping services.

  • Dustbin mould

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    JMT plastic mould factory is plastic dustbin mould supplier and good at making various dustbin moulds. We can design and make plastic home dustbin mould mold, park dustbin mould, hosipital dustbin mou...

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