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Specific main uses of injection moulds


When it comes to the production of various industrial p […]

When it comes to the production of various industrial products, it is necessary to use injection molds, which are important process equipment. With the rapid development of the plastics industry, plastic products are promoted and applied in the aviation, aerospace, automotive, machinery and other industrial sectors. The product has higher requirements on the mold, and the traditional mold design method has been unable to meet the requirements of today, compared with the traditional mold design. Through the application of computer-aided engineering, the corresponding production efficiency can be improved and the quality of the product can be ensured. At the same time, it can also reduce costs and reduce labor intensity, and it has great advantages. In the processing, various CNC machining requires the use of injection molds.

Application of multiple fields, is a CNC milling and machining center. In the numerical control machining of molds, CNC wire cutting processing applications are very common. Wire cutting is mainly applied to various straight wall mold processing, such as sliders in injection molds, electrodes for electric discharge machining, and the like. In modern manufacturing, the forming and processing of product components requires the use of molds.