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Production characteristics of injection mold manufacturing


The outer and inner shape of the plastic part is direct […]

The outer and inner shape of the plastic part is directly formed by the cavity and the core. These complicated three-dimensional surface processing is more difficult, especially the blind hole type inner molding surface processing of the cavity, if the traditional processing method is used, Workers are required to have high technical level, many auxiliary fixtures, many tools, and long processing cycles.

High precision and surface quality requirements and long service life requirements. At present, the dimensional accuracy requirements of general plastic parts are 1T6?1T7, and the dimensional accuracy of injection mold parts with surface roughness Ra0.2-0.1um is required to reach 1T5?1T6 and surface roughness Ra0.1um or less. Long-life injection molds are necessary for improving efficiency and reducing costs. At present, the service life of injection molds generally requires more than 1 million times. Precision injection molds should use a rigid mold frame. Increase the thickness of the template. Add support columns or tapered positioning elements to prevent deformation of the mold after pressure, sometimes the internal pressure can reach 100MPa. The ejector device is an important factor affecting the deformation and dimensional accuracy of the product, so a suitable ejector point should be selected to make the mold release uniform everywhere. Most of the high-precision injection molds are inlaid or fully assembled in the structure, which requires the processing precision and interchangeability of the mold parts to be greatly improved.

The process is long and the manufacturing time is tight. For injection molded parts, most of them are matched with other parts to form a complete product, and in many cases, other parts have been completed, and eagerly awaiting the matching of injection molded parts. Because the shape or dimensional accuracy of the product is very high, and because the characteristics of the resin material are different, after the mold is manufactured, it is necessary to repeatedly try and correct the mold, so that the development and delivery time is very tight.