How to properly use aluminum extrusion die to increase die life


The life of aluminum extrusion die has become the main […]

The life of aluminum extrusion die has become the main bottleneck in the development of aluminum profile industry in China. The design and manufacturing cost of aluminum extrusion die accounts for about 20% of the total production cost. It is one of the key technologies for the aluminum extrusion industry with many variables and rapid development. It involves materials, design, manufacturing, testing, mold repair and management. Many links are also one of the areas with great development potential.
Different aluminum alloy mold design use limit times are also very different, generally ranging from thousands to hundreds of thousands of times. This has a lot to do with the material and heat treatment of the mold, the material, shape and precision requirements of the aluminum alloy. For details, please refer to the design specifications of related products.

How can I use this type of split mold more reasonably? We can start from the following aspects:

1. Strictly implement the regulations for the production of aluminum profiles

It must be carried out in strict accordance with the corresponding aluminum extrusion process. During the start-up process, the temperature of the middle section of the aluminum rod furnace is set at 530-550 °C, and the temperature of the outlet section is set at 480-500 °C. The holding time is sufficient to ensure that the aluminum rod is warm enough. Through the heart (that is, the heart and the surface are warm enough), to avoid the increase of the elastic deformation of the mold due to the different temperature of the aluminum rod (the temperature of the core is insufficient), thereby aggravating the phenomenon of "biasing" and "long and short" Occurs even if the extrusion die is plastically deformed and scrapped.

2, to ensure "three hearts in one"

The center of the extrusion tube, the center of the extrusion rod and the center of the mold base must be concentric, and no obvious eccentricity is allowed. Otherwise, the flow velocity of the product will be affected, and even the molding of the product or the difference between the length of the extruded product will be affected. Large and unable to squeeze production.

3. Reasonable selection of support pads

The double-hole special support pad of appropriate size must be selected to reduce the elastic deformation of the lower die, so that the extruded product is stable in formation and small in dimensional change; and the special support pad for the double hole must be ready for use before the mold is released, so as to prevent the mold from being released. Later, because the support pad was taken too long, the mold was cooled too much and the car was boring.