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Die plated titanium process


The mold is actually a molding machine that can shape t […]

The mold is actually a molding machine that can shape the processed product according to the shape desired by the user. When the manufacturer produces it, it needs to be plated with titanium. What is its titanium plating process?

1. Degreasing. Remove oil from the surface of the part. For those parts with heavy oil, apply the polishing paste to the oil and remove it.

2. Polishing. If there is burr on the surface of the chrome layer, first use oil stone; if the mold is too long to cause chromic acid film, etc., it needs to be carefully sanded.

3. Preheat. After the parts are hung in the trough, preheat and preheating time are customized. It is recommended to choose according to the size of the parts. In order to reduce the temperature difference between the mold and the chrome plating solution, it is recommended that the expansion coefficient of the substrate and the chromium layer be different. Prevent the occurrence of skin peeling and falling off.

Titanium-plated mold can play a role in polishing, improve gloss, make it more effective, and prevent scratching during molding. It is a kind of curing to improve its surface brightness.