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Die design of automobile bumper mould


The automobile front bumper main body injection mold ad […]

The automobile front bumper main body injection mold adopts the internal parting surface technology, through the hot runner, and the sequential valve controls the glue. The reverse buckle on both sides adopts the structure of large inclined top cover with oblique inclined top and straight top. The mold has large straight top and inclined top, the inclined top and straight top rods are 50-60mm, and the horizontal inclined top rod is 25-35mm. The angle of the large inclined roof is 16 degrees. For the ejector angle greater than 12 degrees, the guide rod structure must be designed. Therefore, the large inclined roof of the mold is designed with a guiding rod structure.

There are 7 side holes on the outer side of the front bumper, and the mold is used in the mold. The mold was designed with advanced internal parting technology. The so-called internal classification technology is relative to the external classification. Generally, the general products are the parting lines of the fixed projection according to the maximum projection contour of the product. This is the external classification. Classification method.

The internal parting type hides the parting line on the non-appearing surface of the product (ie, the B side or the C side, and the appearance surface is the A side). After assembly on the whole vehicle, the parting line is not visible, so it does not affect. Exterior. In order to realize this function, the lateral inclined roof (or straight top) is controlled on the secondary structure by the track technology on the mold structure, thereby ensuring the deformation and demoulding of the plastic part, and using the secondary orbital track technology. The mechanism of control is called the internal classification technology. In automotive injection mold design, the internal parting technology is specifically designed for automotive bumpers.


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