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To boost sales business and to facilitate experience sh […]

To boost sales business and to facilitate experience sharing and exchanging, project manager Mr Peng is thus invited to launch a weekly career training focusing on mould technical knowledge, with unanimous attendance required. Given that the recent few months have seen an influx of green-hands, the training should be expounded on and be well targeted at fundamental knowledge which gradually transits into complex know-how. All the project assistants and salespersons are offered with an dazzling array of knowledge ranging from basic mould components, steel materials to price-making tactics. Combined with Peng’s ten-plus years of working experience, he will detail all the means that has been used to address the problems, minor or major, occurred in the cases he’s handled. With some practical problems tackled by Peng’s expertise, a few attempts have been proved, and acknowledged by all members, to be effective in deepening all the attendees’ basic understanding of mould and price-making. Some colleagues missing the training are also provided with access to footage and PPT of it. The initiative of training program epitomizes a cohesive JMT family. Finally, many thanks to Mr Peng for his time and effort.