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Morning meeting


JMT Company has always adhered to the humanistic feelin […]

JMT Company has always adhered to the humanistic feelings, united and friendly employees, and all are a family atmosphere. In order to better understand the problems of various departments and companies, the company held a production meeting every Monday to understand whether there are any problems in each department, and the company needs to solve them. On the other hand, it can be better to know whether there is space for improvement from the die cutting, processing, installation, polishing to the test mold. During the morning meeting, everyone talks freely and expresses their opinions. Don't be afraid to say the wrong words. Just say your opinions. The boss, the leader, and the manager of the company will listen carefully and record them. If there are any doubts, they will come up with questions that need to be discussed. Everyone also actively express their views .

Similarly, the sales department hold morning meeting half an hour earlier on Tuesday, it is the core department of the company, only if sales get orders, workshop have moulds to make. Therefore, each salesperson will talk about the problems at hand, the confusion, the advice to the company, the place where the company hopes to cooperate, and the work schedule for each week. In fact, the company is for everyone to be happy to work in JMT, and solve problems in time.

Occasionally, some colleagues will be late, then they will buy some afternoon tea, and colleagues will eat together. Everyone is happy~

Because of more discussions and multiple feedbacks, the quality of the molds of JMT has been improving, and the orders for molds have been growing. The problems of each mold are getting less and less, and the reputation is getting more and more. Many domestic and foreign customers came to JMT to seek cooperation.


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