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JMT Mould Midyear summary


On Jue.30th,2018 , JMT concluded the conference with la […]

On Jue.30th,2018 , JMT concluded the conference with laughter and happiness . By the first half of the year, JMT has achieved $10 million sales for export , which represents 77 percent of the year's target set at the end of last year.

The contents of this meeting mainly includes three parts: First, Raffle ; Second , Sharing session and the award presentation ; Third , Hold birthday party .

In the first draw session , atmosphere has reached a climax . Our prizes include prize money, instant noodles, calcium milk, tissue , etc. Although some gifts are not very expensive, people who get gifts are smiling like flowers.

In the second part , we mainly paid attention to our first half year of the summary and work experience sharing. Each colleague analyzed their own ppt carefully . The whole atmosphere is quite harmonious, our members of foreign trade department shared our successful experience, and make a detailed analysis of our shortcomings in the work, then put forward a plan for improvement. In the end, prizes were awarded for the first half of the sales champion. Pay will be rewarded, I believe in the future, each of our guys will achieve better results.

Third part is our birthday party, we shared the delicious food together. There were many different kinds of food, just like our members, although we have different personalities and different starting points, we have the same goal , to be better for both ourselves and our company.

Accompanied by dynamic music, 2018 first half year summary came to an end . With our efforts in the first half of the year , developed the market hardly , JMT has achieved excellent results in the whole Huang Yan mould industry. This is inseparable from the efforts of each member, the leadership and the platform provided by the company. In the second half of the year, we will not relax, in the existing foundation to create more brilliant results!


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