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congratulations to JMT Mould!Awarded by Zhejiang Mould Industrial Association,as(Excellent Mould Supplier in Zhejiang 2021


Taizhou Huangyan JMT Mould Co., LTD is very honored to […]

Taizhou Huangyan JMT Mould Co., LTD is very honored to be awarded the honorary title of 2021 Excellent Mould Supplier of China Mould And Mould Association published on the official website by China Mould and Mould Industry Association. This is the result of the joint efforts of all employees of JMT and the superior leadership At the same time, I would like to express my sincere thanks to the China Mould association and the experts for their kindness to JMT.

Winning this honor is the JMT has been walking on the right road, but also for the construction of corporate culture and the concept of customer service first concrete embodiment We deeply know the enterprise culture enterprise culture has just begun, we decided to take this opportunity to actively explore under the new form of JMT the direction of the future, continuous innovation gold matei can do everything, with excellent enterprise culture and work enthusiasm for customer service, embody JMT your trust mould expert A slogn