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Sharing can enhance life taste and state, and win peopl […]

Sharing can enhance life taste and state, and win people's respect. Among the mountains and rivers, the Seven Sages of The Bamboo Forests sublimated their friendships while sharing their mutual interests; although Su Shi and Wang Anshi have different political views, they like to discuss poetry and share their literary opinions,so their friendship is firm as a rock; The Mr&Mrs Curies never had a problem on sharing, no matter on the fortune or scientific research, they are shared with the world, so they have become the respected people in all our life... Because sharing, the gap between people Gradually disappeared; because of sharing, they have gained doubled happiness; because of sharing, they have been respected by the world.


In JMT, especially in sales Dep. Our working atmosphere very harmonious, the team-work spirit is well understand by every coworkers, as well as the experience sharing. Every Friday afternoon, we’ll have a certain topic for sharing, we share with our sales skills; share with the good experience on how to get new orders; share with good or failure experience accumulated from the typical projects; Share with the skills for visiting customers.... We share everything! On the meanwhile, the invited colleagues are also serious-minded to prepared well for their topics, they’re talking&explain completely to other colleagues, hoping that every one can learned some thing from their experience. If there are any doubts, we’ll discussed together, everyone is actively express their views, some times, the meeting will last for 4 hrs without any break time, every one is so enjoyed.


Occasionally, some colleagues missed the experience sharing meeting due to their working agenda, but don’t worry, our manager has take the whole vedio and uploading too the FTP, so everyone can watch to the vedio if they have any doubt.


Look, that is the experience sharing meeting in last Friday:


Mr. Micheal share his experience from one Month Turkey customer visiting,

Ms. Serena share her experience on customer visiting from Iran trip,

Ms Grace share her experience from her Turkey trip for the mould acceptance testing


Love JMT, love our coworkers, love the working atmosphere in JMT, We’re family, working happily&grow together!