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Dumpling Meet


The Dragon Boat Festival is one of the ancient traditio […]

The Dragon Boat Festival is one of the ancient traditional festivals of the Chinese nation. In order to celebrate this special festival, we tend to eat “ZongZi”.

As one part of our company, foreign trade department particularly prepare one secret gift for all the stuff who work in our factory and company---dumpling.

On Jun.16th, We already receive the mission and automatically separate into 5 teams. Rewards are indispensable, the team who first achieve 600 dumplings will be the Champion. We all get to canteen very earlier, but raw material are still not prepared, making dumpling is not an easy thing that you can imagine, it needs different process and co-worker’s help.

Once the competition start, we all try our best to making it. I promise that you will never know the power of a team when they are determined to achieve the goal, the cooperation is so smooth that the whole table are occupied by dumpling. We make, count, move, boil, pack etc, all going on in an orderly manner. We laughing, chatting, and running…… Suddenly we just enjoy such kind of teamwork, enjoy to be a member of JMT.

As time goes by, the huge box is full of our dumpling packages. Through this meaningful contest, not only do we deliver love to our colleagues, but also we build a deep friendship with our team parters.

It’s really a good chace for us to gather together, to love our big family--JMT.