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China molds are on the road to energy conservation


It is understood that the so-called energy saving is to […]

It is understood that the so-called energy saving is to reduce the energy consumption as much as possible, to produce the same quantity and the same quality of the original product; or to produce the same quantity or the same amount of energy consumption, to produce more quality or quantity equal quality.

Therefore, domestic mold companies must first in-depth publicity and education, enhance employees' awareness of energy conservation, and enable employees to fundamentally understand the importance of energy conservation. Domestic enterprises can organize TV programs, newspapers, radio, newspapers, local area networks, corporate websites, hold seminars, set up posters, placards and other means to conduct energy-saving publicity and education in an in-depth and sustained manner, or organize energy-saving speeches and energy conservation. The knowledge contest has enabled all employees to have a clear understanding of the importance of energy conservation, to establish energy-saving glory, waste shame, and always talk about the trend of saving, so that the energy-saving work is further deepened.

Secondly, it is necessary to strengthen scientific management and highlight the key points of energy conservation; each company should include energy conservation work as its target management, and leaders at all levels should attach great importance to it, insisting on three simultaneous planning of production work and planning of energy conservation work, and summing up production work. Simultaneously with the summary of energy-saving work; inspection of production work and inspection of energy-saving work at the same time.

Finally, it is necessary to adopt new technologies, new technologies, and strengthen energy-saving technological transformation; to adopt advanced mold design and manufacturing technology, strengthen the application of computer-aided design and numerical simulation in mold design, reduce the scrap rate of mold design, and optimize the processing of molds. Process to reduce electricity consumption.